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Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting is a way of caring for your child that allows you to both meet your child’s needs and to grow as a parent in doing so. Attachment parenting is not a checklist of things to do, rather guidelines to help you understand your infant and/or child’s behavior so that you can meet their needs in a way that promotes a healthy parent child relationship. It includes the following seven principles:
1. Birth bonding: Taking an active role in your baby’s birth and the immediate time proceeding from that to be close to and learn your baby’s cues.
2. Breastfeeding
3. Babywearing: Using a sling to keep your child near you.
4. Bedding close to baby: There is a wide range of bedding styles, co-sleeping, bed-sharing, or crib sleeping. If the sleeping arrangement is safely managed, no one style of bed arrangement is best and parents should use the one that works best for their family.
5. Belief in the value of baby’s cry: Accepting that babies do not manipulate. Crying is their only tool of communicating with you. Responding to a baby’s cry does not make you weak nor will it “spoil” your child.
6. Wariness of baby trainers: Realizing that baby trainers may sometimes offer methods that are harmful both for parents and their children.
7. Balance: Understanding that child rearing is compromise where both the parents and child’s needs are taken into account. Neither has absolute priority over the other.
For more information, visit Dr. Sear’s or the Attachment Parenting International’s websites.

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