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The Toothbrush of Destiny

October 26, 2010

Or not.

Many people keep an old used toothbrush under the bathroom sink to scrub the grout and, in our case, the mildew that forms at the sink basin drain. This is a great way of reusing an item that has plenty of life in it when it isn’t fit for its primary purpose any longer.  The toothbrush is also the perfect size for all the nooks and crannies requiring scrubbing in the bathroom.

I make certain that this toothbrush is a different style than the ones we are currently using to prevent its accidental use.  I can hear you screaming, “Oh no!” through the internet connection.  Yes, my friends, it happened.

A very sleep deprived mother I know brushed her teeth with that very toothbrush last night.  Her spouse was not impressed to say the least.  Horrified is a more apt description of his response.  He was very concerned about what diseases and growths she may have acquired.

Needless to say, the toothbrush of destiny is in the rubbish bin.  Large quantities of Listerine and a prolonged period of tooth brushing later, my spouse might consider kissing me – next  week.


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