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A joyous new arrival.

October 10, 2010

It has been a very busy seven days in the DQ household.

I had our third child at home last Saturday morning after a somewhat unusual labor pattern (but it’s apparently my very own strange pattern so I will claim it).  Unlike most ladies, I am blessed with a tendency towards having contractions that are six minutes apart or longer and never actually get any closer and then I’m pushing!  Of course, said pattern would deem me failure to progress in a hospital setting so I’m glad that I have the support and access to midwives to be able to birth my children at home.

Aside, our third is a wonderful and cute little boy whom his brother and sister adore.  Our dachshund alerts us if anything is amiss, which is amusing given that the dog is blind and has back trouble but he tries desperately to alert us anyways.  Cute enough to make me contemplate a fourth – even the midwife laughed at that with the memory of labor pains so fresh.  No rainbows and unicorns there, or “orgasmic birth” either, just pain.  Ah well, God warned us clearly about that didn’t he!

I have been successfully continuing to cook since the little one’s arrival.  I have never been happier or more grateful for my freezer stash, which is slowly being whittled down.  Fortunately everyone has enjoyed the meals from the stash.  I will be trying a new recipe this morning care of Earthbound Farms titled Oatmeal, Carrot, and Apple Breakfast Squares.  In addition, Earthbound Farms is currently running a contest for their new cookbook, The Earthbound Cook.  Enter here.   *The squares were very tasty (and sweet!) but are more of a spice cake.  I omitted the flax, added an egg, increased the cinnamon, and increased the cook time by 15 minutes.  These would benefit from replacement of refined sugar in the actual “cake” with a combination of honey and maple syrup although I would leave the sugar in the topping.

Here’s what we’ve been eating so far this month (if I can remember breakfast it’s typed out first):

1        Italian breaded baked chicken (marinate overnight in Italian dressing, drain, bread, bake), with brown rice, peas, corn, and cranberry sauce

2        Domino’s

3        Mother-in-law provided roasted shredded turkey, steamed potatoes and veggies and cupcakes/ice cream cake

4        Chicken pot pie

5        Kale with white beans, brown rice

6        Swedish meatballs, brown rice, peas

7        Spaghetti squash with red sauce (leftover turkey, broccoli florets)

8        Oatmeal; Leftover squash and sauce

9        Cheese eggs on toast (by spouse); Pizza

10    French toast; Broccoli chicken casserole

11    Oatmeal, Carrot and Apple Breakfast squares

I finally made it to the market yesterday and bought an inordinate amount of produce so we will be happily gorging on some wonderful things the rest of the week, including my favorite sweet potato and butternut squash pie (my recipe – will try to post).  I also hit the bakery outlet and saved a solid $20 on eight loaves of bread as it was $1 afternoon; they are closed on Sundays.

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