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I fought the crib and I won.

August 7, 2010

It only took two weeks.  Yes, I did admit that out loud.  The first week, I couldn’t find the instructions which I did find but were unfortunately lacking the description page of the various screws.  The second week, I was simply irritated that I would have to partially dismantle the crib to take the screws I needed more of down to the Handy Ace Hardware for replacements.  Honestly, the Handy Ace Hardware is worse than Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole.  The place lacks any kind of organization and it requires a guide whom you must carefully track down and tackle to acquire whatever parts you are searching for that day.  Needless to say, I cornered a clerk and purchased the proper bolts and nuts.  The crib is fully assembled and has linens on it now.

The crib aside, I did manage a small drop off at Goodwill, drop off recyclables at Publix, and a look-see at a new to me vehicle that can accommodate three car seats.  My to do list in the house was obscene.  I stopped at tidying the children’s rooms, as I cannot really bend down or sit on the carpet to help them sort and put away for any extended period at this point.  I also didn’t scrub the tubs or toilets; my spouse was given said job for that reason.  I did manage the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, cooking, tidying of the lower two floors, and to put away the beautiful fig jam that I canned yesterday and the red beans that I cooked last night.  All in all, I’m pleased with myself.  I was up wheezing part of the night last night and didn’t get to sleep till 3 am.  I was then unfortunate enough to be awoken by my spouse at 8am with his ridiculously hot shower which heats up the entire upper floor and then the drilling out of a tranny.  Joy.

I made it to bed at 9 pm only to be awoken by anxious children and spouse that they had lost the dog.  I replied in a sleep slurred voice that the dog was under the bed, and no one believed me.  Quite amusing actually when they realized the dog had curled up in his bed under my bed.  Now I’m off to make a pot of chamomile tea (then add ice cubes to cool it off) to go back to sleep.  Sleep would be fabulous.

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