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It’s just stuff.

August 6, 2010

Yet again I run headlong into the question, “You don’t save it?”  Scratching my head, in a questioning voice, “Why?”  Truly, why does anyone need to store all kinds of things for how many decades in the hopes of using whatever it is again?  If you follow my blog, you know that I have an anti-clutter gene in my DNA.  I simply don’t understand the mindset of storing things for years on end.  In the first place, these things take up space.  Secondly, I have to figure out how to properly store said items so that if I should ever find a need for them in the future they are usable.  Thirdly, I have to navigate past and around these items to reach the things I actually need and use.  So, again, why the need to save stuff?

It’s just stuff. Yard sales, consignment stores, thrift stores, big box stores – they’re all full of stuff.  I forget that people are attached to their stuff, because it’s better than yours or my stuff and somehow without this stuff life becomes meaningless.  Eh, not really.  I find it amusing that one of the airlines actually had the balls to tell a congressional committee that luggage was optional and not needed for air travel.  You know, because we all need to get off the plane, buy clothes and toiletries then throw it all away before our return flight.   Okay, I’ll admit that would be bonkers and rather inconvenient.

So we’re actually going to dedicate vast tracts of space in our homes, in storage units, and elsewhere to the worship of stuff.  Bizarre I tell you.  I realize and do agree that some things are worth keeping as they are either cost prohibitive or impossible to replace, but otherwise, I’m an absolute fan of selling or donating.  This piqued my interest because a dinner companion mentioned in passing today on how it’s odd that I don’t keep things and there was a hoarding show on one of the major networks.


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