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Figs, jam and pies.

August 6, 2010

Our neighbor down the street has a fig tree, which one of my friend’s spouses covets.  That aside, said neighbor doesn’t care for figs.  The horror!  To my good fortune though.  Today I picked figs and have 8 pints of fresh fig jam processing in the canner.  I had a little extra that wouldn’t fit in one batch in the canner, so I put that in the fridge and sampled it.  My, oh my, fig jam is tasty.

I would post a recipe, but when it comes to fig jam, I don’t follow the one in the Blue Book.  I actually wing it, using no sugar pectin and adjusting the sugar and lemon to my taste.  I made some strawberry jam last year.  I picked 2 gallons of berries in the Southern heat, and the batch went off, forcing me to throw it out.  Jars and all.  Throwing the jars away was painful, but botulism is not on my bucket list.

Aside, I am looking forward to the next batch of figs and making a pie.  The children were quite angry that I was canning jam and not baking them pie tonight.  Children are quite amusing, occasionally.  I made a peach and nectarine cobbler last night, and all but one small serving was eaten.   Yes, the sad truth of the matter is that my spouse and I ate it all.  I’m pregnant and amazingly don’t seem to put on weight, fabulous any other time of my life, but not when you are under the gun to actually gain weight so I don’t feel guilty.  I can’t speak for my spouse though, although he’s still fairly trim.

I also baked a batch of blueberry muffins yesterday, and those have been polished off already.  I have really been enjoying my local library’s cookbook section.  At $40.00 a pop, I’m not sure how I would otherwise manage to always try new recipes.  The internet is a wonderful tool, but there is something wonderful about flipping the pages in a cookbook, drooling over the pictures, and tabbing which ones I must try.

The spouse is working on a tranny, and we’re supposed to be at a dinner out with his family right now.  The spouse and children are now filthy needing to be cleaned up so we can leave and I must rescue my jam from the canner.

Have a fabulous weekend.


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