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July 21, 2010


Sounds so benign doesn’t it?  So cute and friendly, and it makes you think of baby birds in the spring. New flowers on plants and the freshness that accompanies the world after a spring rain.  My spouse would state otherwise.  Currently, my house is in such a state of upheaval one would think we are abandoning our home and moving in the middle of the night.  Stuff is everywhere.  I have multiple lots of items listed on local boards for sale – homeschooling books, children’s clothing, and maternity clothing so far.  Closets are torn apart and children’s clothing is flung about as though a tornado ripped through our home.  Ah yes, the joys of being in the third trimester, 30.5 weeks at this point.  It’s getting interesting, to put it mildly.  The random and completely inexplicable breaks in logic must be thrilling for my spouse.  Fortunately for him, this is our last child and my last pregnancy.

I have a problem with “storage” of any kind.  I tolerate storage of Christmas items and luggage, but only just barely.  Each year I pare down the Christmas storage.  I perceive boxes to be “clutter”.  Clutter makes me twitchy and for whatever reason manages to drag down my quality of life.  The good news is that other people benefit from this personality disorder as I’m certain my spouse would term it, of course, not to my face.  The beauty is that I don’t hold on to things, although I have been known to keep the odd item here and there.  For example a t-shirt my dad bought me in high school with a beautiful picture of a sailboat on it.  Unfortunately, it is utterly holey and falling apart so it will be heading to the thrift store then it will eventually make its way to the third world at some point.

I don’t look at this as decluttering, so much as frenzied re-organization of our home prior to the birth of the next child and the start of the homeschooling school year.  It should be interesting.  I think my spouse is convinced that at this rate we will own nothing aside from furniture and the clothes on our backs.

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