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July 4, 2010

After a lovely hiatus in Southern California with the children and my parents, we have returned to “The South” with its miserable heat and high humidity. Joy. Seven months pregnant and enjoying wonderfulness that is the South in the summertime. Okay, not so much enjoying, and I find it amusing that even my daughter is complaining about the discrepancy between the beautiful weather for the last three weeks in SoCal and the weather down South.
Otherwise, it’s been a roller coaster weekend, as is to be expected with two small children in tow and pregnant. I am fortunate that my husband had a surprise four day weekend, a true rarity. We have three people down with sinus infections, a fourth with a cold, and one of the children had an allergic reaction to their antibiotics last night (not pretty).
Today has been a quiet day of dosing people up appropriately with their antibiotics, benadryl or guafanesin, and I baked a lovely carrot cake. The cream cheese frosting is still being whipped in the KitchenAid (AKA best present ever!). Dinner was supposed to be the tried and true hot dogs, tater tots, baked beans, et cetera, until I asked my husband how old the hot dogs he had in the fridge were. Apparently he thawed them 2+ weeks ago, and opened them thereabouts but left them to languish. They’re the tasty Coleman franks, meaning we would risk food poisoning to eat them. Yeah no, not after last night’s mad dash to the ER with the allergic reaction. So, tonight is the not very healthy chicken broccoli casserole with brown rice, but the cake will be very tasty.
So much for my short gibberish update, before the frosting exceeds the KitchenAid bowl!

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