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Spring cleaning.

March 26, 2010

I did a big clean earlier in the year, actually in very late winter. Unfortunately, my complete inability to function recently has brought about a return of total chaos to my home. Everything seems to be covered in some form of dirt. I really appreciate that we were able to move 550 pounds of sand to the sand box, but I think at least ten pounds made it into the kitchen. On top of that, I have my brother-in-law and my spouse who believe that all cleanliness must be sacrificed at the alter of the car gods so the downstairs bathroom and garage appear to have a black camouflage decorator look happening in them. I steadfastly refuse to clean either, especially the garage, as engine grease does not easily come off of white paint. Needless to say, there is a lot to be done and we still haven’t tackled the taxes.

I am the type of person who becomes twitchy when a certain level of filth and lack of tidiness creeps into our home. I have done my very best effort at decluttering and any further effort would result in the donation of things I regularly use, not a good thing. I look at the exterior of our home and remember that this year it has to be painted. As I don’t have a very good relationship with 2 story ladders, I am fortunately relieved of this task. I am certain my spouse could use the help, especially given the fact that our second story is Tudor style. Good luck honey!

So what needs to be done?

* A month ago I steam cleaned all the carpets, which needs to be redone. The only problem there would be the kid and general home clutter on the floors which must be dealt with first.
* The linoleum needs to be scrubbed again, by hand, always a thrilling job and one I am not particularly looking forward to, especially as we have a large quantity of it. Boo hiss.
* I did manage all the mending today, unfortunately I need to complete a few sewing projects, skirts for our daughter and myself.
* The lawn needs to be mowed and the pear tree, which I despise, desperately needs a pruning before it rips the power lines off of our house. Power is nice and I’d like to keep it running.
* My car needs to be washed, vacuumed and waxed. I may set the children to assisting me in washing it.
* The kitchen needs to be reorganized and a full pantry audit needs to be completed. Good times. My spouse broke the storage under the oven, which has necessitated this. Otherwise, I’d be avoiding it like the plague.

Good times will be had by all, right?

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