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Our food bills have been atrocious.

March 23, 2010

I’ve been too sick or worn out to cook. I’m for the most part feeling significantly improved. Read: Able to consider preparing a meal without wanting to curl into a ball or crawl under a rock.
Last night’s dinner was fairly appalling, if not creative. I found some leftover Manwich, a half jar of spaghetti sauce, leftover tortellini, a Costco box of organic spinach and some Texas Toast. We don’t eat Manwich or Texas Toast with any regularity so I was surprised to find them. I made spaghetti and tortelli with sauce/Manwich meat, sauteed the spinach with some garlic powder and nutmeg and my husband handled the Texas Toast. It wasn’t a horrible meal, the kids actually loved it. Nutritionally though, I’m sure the Manwich sauce didn’t add anything!
This morning I actually made sausage white bean gravy, whole wheat toast, and sliced some strawberries. My daughter has refused to eat, and my son ate the berries and the gravy. His toast is forlorn on his plate.
I’ve decided that meal planning at this point needs to be thrown to the wind. If I simply get by day to day, I’ll be doing fabulous. I’ve chosen instead to institute the pantry challenge method, where your goal is to use up all the random things that have been orphaned in your pantry or refrigerator. I will admit that we have a case of sardines and a case of tinned salmon from Costco hiding in the pantry and I’m not certain that I am up to handling those. They will be on a case by case handled by the spouse basis. I wanted to make Arabic chicken, tomato cucumber salad (tahini-lemon-parsley dressing), rice and pitas for dinner – but didn’t get around to thawing and marinating the chicken. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow….

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