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I am ever hopeful that spring has truly sprung.

March 20, 2010

It has been a long miserable winter this year, and our heating bills prove it! I have all the windows open and the stale air is quickly vanishing. It’s amazing how much nicer your home is with fresh air in it!

Today, as always, is a busy day. I need to catch up on all the household chores that I missed as a result of yard and deck work this week. I even started dinner in my new crock pot, with a crazy throw together recipe that seems like it could be good. Our last crock pot bit the dust after the children treated it like a dog – literally, they pulled it around by the plug and pretended it was a dog. Fortunately, Costco had a good coupon for crock pots so I bought a new one (a year after the old one died its painful death!).

I certainly hope that it turns out alright, especially as I put six boneless skinless chicken breasts in to cook! I canned fig jam last year in pints and had some left over, so I poured an entire pint in, plus 3 additional pints of water. Then I added a packet of Lipton onion soup mix and some sprinklings of chicken broth granules. I was more than unhappy to find that I had run out of my favorite organic Pacific chicken broth so I had to substitute. I will probably serve rice and spinach with the chicken, provided it is edible! I’m such an optimist.

I am also off today to try and find a matching pan to the two I have to make a 3 layer coconut cake. I need to find a fresh coconut too. My last two experiences with coconuts have resulted in moldy nasty coconut water sloshing out – so I’m a bit reticent. I’ll link or post the recipe I end up using.

Enjoy spring! It’s so very beautiful outside, and I’m fortunate to be driving our MR2 today.

Too much water in crockpot. I think this would do better as simply fig jam mixed with the onion soup mix and basted over the chicken as it bakes in the oven or cooks on the grill. I am hating this new crockpot – it simply doesn’t work anywhere near as well as the last one. I think it might be a reject.

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