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First Purchase of Handmade

January 25, 2010

Oh la la. I have made my first purchase of a handmade item, per my compacting plans. I am rather nervous to be honest about the quality and whether or not I will be truly in love with an item of clothing I haven’t seen and touched in person. I haven’t purchased my serger yet, although the sewing center tantalized me today with specials on turned in models for those who were moving up in machine. I’ll post pictures when it arrives as it was mailed today. It’s a reversible skirt in Amy Butler prints with a yoga style waistband. I have my eye on another as well, but I haven’t been brave enough to purchase as it’s in New Zealand.

Skirt from: The Hidden Element on Hyena Cart Picture soon!

I am also loving some dachshund potholders I saw on etsy. Mine are looking heinous and the children have a penchant for stealing them for use in their own little kitchen. This has resulted in multiple burns on my part with me using folded up dishtowels to remove things from the oven. My children love to steal kitchen items, hence the sad death of my crock pot, folding vegetable steamer (bought a new one yesterday), and the mysterious disappearance of sundry small gadgets. Unfortunately, my daughter prefers the ones with the crazy Valentine’s Day heart pattern… ETA: I caved and bought the crazy heart ones, at least they are very cheerful.

I also bought some key fobs for our home and my purse. If you know me in person, you will know that I have heinous tendency towards losing my keys or having them stolen by short people. I was on a first name basis with the AAA man during my second pregnancy. I have also locked myself out of the house repeatedly. How embarrassing. Anyways, these should help resolve the problem. They’re cute, and they should be easy to spot. Perhaps one day I will stop misplacing things, one would think with a wonderfully decluttered home losing things wouldn’t be a problem.

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