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I spent how much?

January 8, 2010

Really?  On that?  After listening to Clark Howard, a consumer advocate with a nationwide talk show,  and his staff wax poetic about Mint for months on end,  I finally took the plunge.  I have tried excel spreadsheets, scrawled on paper budgets, the envelope system, and Quicken for home/small business.  No dice.  Mint wanted a lot of personal information.  Enough information to make me a bit queasy as I’ve been the victim of identity theft and had my checking account cleaned out no less than three times.  I do trust Clark Howard’s advice, and given that he and his staff have used it personally for a solid period of time I was willing to give it a go.

Each time I log in, I see my net worth as of that moment in time.  I can easily compare my spending to that of others in my metro area as well as  my own previous spending from months prior.  It updates my spending against the current month’s budget and lets me know when I’ve sadly gone over, again.  After the initial time intensive set up process, it’s pretty self sustaining, unless you want to juggle your budget dollars and categories around.  I have a few friends who use it and are really enjoying the same benefits that I am: real time knowledge of their financial position and impetus to stick to the budget.

I get no kickbacks from the company and wanted to share this valuable resource (that’s FREE) with others who weren’t aware of it yet to help us all achieve our goals.

If you are currently a Mint user, what’s your toughest financial challenge at the moment?  Ours is reducing overall spending and the black and white numbers on Mint have helped us to do so inch by inch.

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