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Compacting – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

January 4, 2010

Compacting has come to mean many things since it originally started.  I’m a fairly conservative gal by nature and don’t follow the same path that this very neat concept has morphed into over time.  The Wikipedia entry is fairly eye opening for those of you unfamiliar with the movement.

For my family’s purposes, we will incorporate the following:

  1. Utilize the cloth bags we received from the GreenBagLady and those that we already own but seem to consistently forget.  If you weren’t aware, she will send you one for free to replace the petroleum based grocery bags readily available at most stores.
  2. Recycle as much as possible, to include expanding my pathetic efforts at composting as well as my reuse of fabric.
  3. Declutter and simplify – I think I may have hit the breaking point on this one, although there are many areas in my home that need organization.
  4. Purchase from other small businesses, when not cost prohibitive.
  5. Significantly reduce expenditures on consumer items, specifically using only budgeted funds for both necessities and frivolity.

For many who are members of various Compacts, these may seem like small efforts, but I believe that every small effort is worthwhile and eventually leads to larger successes.

What are your Compacting goals for 2010?

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