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Another fresh new year!

January 3, 2010

It’s that time of year, again.

The checkbooks are bare, and the cupboards are packed.
The family is hungry and they need a snack!
What is a frugal mama to do?

1) Fresh fruit or veggies are always a go to snack! They can be used in smoothies or sauces, eaten whole or sliced, or baked into any tasty treat.
2) Find a half eaten box of cereal and your dried fruits; add some chocolate or nuts to sweeten the deal for those who are less than tempted by this healthy snack.
3) If your family members are old enough, pop up a batch of popcorn and top with butter, cheese or chili powder.
4) Do you keep canned beans in your pantry? If so, whiz them through the food processor or blender with some broth and spices to become a tasty dip for chips or crackers.
5) Take yesterday’s treats and make them something fabulous. Tired of that cake? Top it with some pudding or whipped cream. Too many holiday cookies? Add some ice cream between them and lightly freeze for a frozen novelty. The family revolts at the thought of more muffins? Top them with peanut butter for a snack, or warm then add sliced fruit and a thinned jam for an elegant looking dessert.

These are just some ideas for using up your pantry goods and keeping you out of the coffee house,  fast food lane or worse adding to the overflowing bounty in your cupboards!

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