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Boxes and more boxes

April 2, 2008

If you didn’t know me and didn’t know that we are preparing to move, you might think that I was one of those people who compulsively hoard.  I’m not.  But seriously, our house is cluttered up with packed boxes of our stuff to be moved to grandmother’s house this weekend.  We’re moving in a couple weeks, in with in-laws or maybe an extended stay hotel (with two kids, and a dog what fun!).

Our contract that we submitted on a lovely house, did not go through.  I am still working on convincing my spouse to sell his beloved sports car such that we could purchase a nicer home.  $8000 would go a long way towards getting a nicer house, ya know!  We have three cars, and he is just emotionally attached to objects, needless to say.

I’m still decluttering and working on my compacting.  It has gone fabulously well.  I’m currently spending, ouch, $8.00 per gallon on raw milk, and $4.00 per quart on raw milk yogurt.  I need to buy a yogurt maker to save money.   Really.  I NEED it.  I would break even really quickly, month, month and a half tops.

Our son is rapidly outgrowing his clothing, as always, and our toddler is learning to draw things, not squiggles.  I’m working on teaching her the alphabet and she picked up her colors.  I have become convinced that she has the same learning style as I did, repetition and repetition (it took me weeks to learn the countries of the world, some disorder with my short term memory I think).  My long term is fabulous though.  Anyways.

I have given up on the home search and have left it to my spouse.  I just don’t enjoy driving around for hours looking at houses I don’t like with two screaming kids in tow.  Not fun.  God will do what He’s going to do and that’s that.  My husband is the same way.

Back to packing and cooking!


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