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March 13, 2008

Well it’s been some time since I last posted.  I am pleased to say that I have finally mastered the art, and yes it is an art, of yeast bread baking.  I can now make a lovely and tasty loaf of whole wheat yeast bread that can serve the same as a loaf of store-bought sandwich bread.  It took about 15 loaves in order to get to this place, but hey, nothing good comes without its trials and tribulations.

My kids are growing wonderfully.  Our son is big and healthy.  Our daughter is sprouting.  The homeopath that treated her did a wonderful job and she is tolerating all food now without incident.  I am more than pleased.  This also provided the impetus for me to learn to bake our bread.

 I recently have been sincerely trying to break away from commercially prepared food.  For whatever reason, I will refuse to buy prepared food at the supermarket but I will happily buy fast food.  What gives?  My brain must not be working.  Seriously, I am very well aware of how unhealthy fast food and restaurant food is, but I still purchase it.  It is very expensive and simply from a frugal perspective one would think that I would abstain.  But I don’t, so there you have it.

 We just got our taxes back from the CPA and then realized we forgot to get one very important figure in, our health insurance premiums.  The premiums were so high, in addition to our medical costs for the past year, that they exceed the threshold for the standard married deduction.  That is most certainly not good news that our costs were so high, but at least everyone is here and safe and healthy.

We are preparing now for the big move to our new house.  Naturally, I haven’t found it yet, but our lease expires on April 3oth and we have to move then or pay $1100 a month in rent.  Ouch.  So we’re probably moving in with one set of in-laws or the other.  Neither prospect is particularly appealing, especially given that we’re married with kids and have been self-supporting for years now.  Any monies that go towards rent (the additional $500 they want to ream us) would otherwise go towards closing costs and our down payment so it doesn’t make any sense to just throw them away.  We’ll be paying whomever we end up living with something for rent, so it won’t be completely free, but it will offer some form of savings.

 I’m still tandem nursing.  Our daughter is down to once a day and she seems okay with that.

Cloth diapering is finally working out, lately it’s been a trial.  Our son is so “healthy” that none of his sister’s covers were working, but we received some new Imse Vimse organic covers today that seem to do the job nicely.  I am still working on sewing recycled wool covers and the ones I made have been bulletproof so I’ll continue in that vein.

Anyways, I’ve got to get the kids to bed.


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  1. April 2, 2008 2:36 pm

    I am the same way about food – I would rarely buy a frozen entree but will happily pick up Chipotle or a Filet-O-Fish. Silly!

    It is such an accomplishment to master bread. And even the failed trials are usually tasty.

    Hope all goes well with the transition.

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