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Salmon Cakes – Recipe

February 26, 2008

img_0473.jpgI am not a big fan of fish.  I know it is so ridiculously healthy for me but I sincerely struggle with eating it.  Last night, I finally broke down and used the can of salmon that my father-in-law gave us when our daughter first developped food intolerances (yes, it was about a year old).

I made salmon cakes, sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon, and plain broccoli for dinner last night.

Here’s my salmon cakes recipe:

In a food processor, put in the chopper blade and add three cloves of garlic.  Process till very finely chopped.  Now add your can of salmon (checking to remove any huge bones, like, gag me, vertebrae), 1/3 cup of gluten free bread crumbs (I prefer HolGrain Brown Rice Bread Crumbs), 1 egg or equivalent egg replacer, salt and pepper to taste.  Process all until the mixture  is completely combined (I did it until all the chunks were gone and it was a smooth puree).

Using a cookie scoop, place two scoops of mixture into your palm to make patties. 

In a hot skillet with olive oil, brown the salmon cakes and flip – this did take about 7-8 minutes.  Place hot cakes in oven to remain warm until ready for dinner, because cold fish is disgusting.

In a small cup, put some lemon juice to brush over the cakes or cut a lemon to squeeze on them (with lemon – hold the cut side towards your palm so the seeds don’t fall onto your salmon cakes).

 Makes about 10 cakes.

* These would be really tasty if you added some onion (about 2Tbs, and some fresh parsley 2Tbs).  I didn’t have any on hand.

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