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I’m struggling

February 18, 2008

Well, I’m not celiac or wheat intolerant, but my kids are.  This is what makes it so very difficult for me to be gluten, casein, soy, egg, and corn free.  I can perfectly tolerate it (excepting the soy) and sometimes I just really want to eat normal food.  I’m struggling with a number of things lately and the whole clean diet would be one of them.  I am happy to say that my local supplies of healthy meats, eggs, and dairy seem to be coming through and our homeopathic treatment seemed to do the trick for some of my daughter’s alleriges (we haven’t trialed them all yet).  Tomorrow I will try to start again and have a clean diet as my son is clearly reacting to the proteins that are passing through to my milk.  If I want that house, which my husband is working hard to find, I really need to lay off of eating out completely and work on cooking in the kitchen.  I am on the search for a bread machine at the moment.  Hopefully a free one will turn up.

In other news, I’ve apparently learned to sew.  I used to be completely unable to sew.  I don’t know what happened.  I sewed my son two wool diaper covers, hemmed up 30 washcloths, repaired a number of prefold diapers and am nearly done with a lovely blanket for my daughter.  I’ve got some fabric and thread to make myself two new skirts for the summer.

I’m really unhappy with the way the economy is going.  Money certainly isn’t going as far as it used to.  I had to buy some 25# bags of dry goods (kidney/black/garbanzo beans and some lundberg rice) as I was worried that prices would continue to rise.  I doubt that food prices will fall.  Unlikely.

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