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GF Biscuits are a joke…what an utter waste.

February 1, 2008

I made some GF biscuits from a recipe I found online. They were horrible, gritty, nasty, a complete waste of expensive ingredients. I’m going to fool around and try and get something better together.
Otherwise, compacting is going okay. I’ve found some used washcloths to buy for family cloth. I’m very excited. I will sanitize them in my mom’s front loader this weekend or next hopefully. I cleaned out our daughter’s toys and books last night as I really can’t handle clutter, it makes me twitchy. We have amassed ridiculous quantities of stuffed animals. I’ll take them to foster care support and then I have some stuff for the consigment store too.
My husband is still looking for a house. Wish us luck on that one.
I’m working on exercising every day and have done so four days in a row. I’ve lost a total of !.8 pounds. Seems like so little. I’ve jogged 2 days and walked 2 days. I have an ab dvd that I need to continue working on. Motivation….wedding May 17th for husband’s family member.
Regardless, I’ll work on the recipes and get them up here when perfected.
Also, forgive me for the category problems on the sidebar. I’m working on figuring out how to sort things properly and I don’t have a full understanding yet of the software.

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