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Trying to teach……

January 29, 2008

I’m trying to teach our toddler her ABC’s, colors, and counting/numbers. She can count and sing her ABC’s but doesn’t recognize letters, numbers, or colors. She will pop out with any color repeatedly and I wonder if she’s color blind, although I know this is ridiculously rare if not impossible in girls. This is very frustrating but like anything else is a foray into perseverance; they’ll learn eventually, right?

I am also trying to accomplish the herculean task of cooking almost everything that we eat from scratch which can go very badly at times (think screaming infant and toddler and tired mama). GF foods are ridiculously cost prohibitive. On a happy note, my daughter can tolerate eggs and might be able to tolerate wheat now!

Instead of putting the family on a schedule, I think that I will make a list of the things that need to get accomplished daily and just check them off as I do them. I KNOW that kids benefit from having a set schedule, but I’m not sure that works so well when I have two nurslings in tow on different schedules….time will tell.

Today I gave our daughter steel cut oats with dates for breakfast, made some pancakes for snack, some garlicky kale and white beans with rice for lunch, an apple and rice cakes with cashew butter for snack. Dinner will be brats, and oh no, potato chips, carrot and celery sticks. I’ve just been a little slow on the dinner planning today.

Tomorrow will be good though, arroz con pollo with steamed broccoli!! Yummy. Maybe I will post that recipe.

Re: The compact, my only concern for the moment is finding William some decent diaper covers and some additional washcloths to use as wipes for Annabelle and I. Sigh.


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